Cheat god eater burst (money etc) on android ppsspp

Hi friends, right now love to share with you an awesome video of Cheat god eater burst (money etc) on android ppsspp, just look at the video right after it

link cheat:
ppsspp version
I am using version ppsspp, because before I use a different version but cheat does not work

1. Open the cheat previously downloaded, then copy all the contents of the file cheat
2. Then open the PSP folder, open the folder cheat.
3. Then open the file ulus10563, paste the contents that were previously copied cheat
4. Then play the game
5. in the game, go to settings / setting game
6. Open the system, check the enable cheat
7. Then go back, go to cheat and check what is desired
8. Finish
if cheat not work, please ask me

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cheat android

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