Don’t Touch My Phone ! Best Android App 2017

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Don’t Touch My Phone ! Best Android App 2017

Don’t Touch My Phone App Link Is Here:-

Don’t Touch My Phone has been downloaded more than 2 Million times.

This simple security app has saved my phone. Thieves hate this!

★ Use this cell phone alarm, if you’re afraid that someone:
Uses your stuff. Just leave the smartphone on your stuff eg. laptop cover, if someone touches it, the ringtone will warn you.

Want to prank somebody nosy at the office? Record your own voice and setup as an ringtone

Nosey person will freaks and runs out the house and won’t deny the snooping now…

★ Easy 2-step setup:
Step 1: Activate the guard.
Step 2: Place the device on a fixed place.

★ Features:
Four digit pin code to protect
Triggers the alarm in just two steps.
Smartphone motion detection.
Loud siren sound with device vibration.
Runs in background.
Sound and vibration signal (Anti theft alarm)
PIN Password APPLOCK security.

Allarme antifurto
Don’t touch phone
Anti-theft mechanism
Mobile Security
Ensure security.

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